Theme week: “Prayer”

Prayer is a lifeline for all disciples. In order to make any spiritual progress at all, prayer is an absolute necessity. It is also a unique possibility to communicate with Jesus – the One who is dearest to our hearts, who understands what we’re going through and can help us – something His disciples cannot do without.

Consider what prayer means for us:
– Mutual communication and a personal relationship with Jesus
– Abundant access to help to conquer the sin in our own nature
– An opportunity to touch eternal powers to move God to action
– An inner ministry to bring fullness of blessings to others
– A spiritual work in harmony with Jesus to carry out God’s plan with His church

Join us this week in exploring the powerful possibilities of prayer in our theme page with in-depth articles and testimonies from disciples of various walks of life who personally experience the results of persevering in this important ministry!

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