2016 – The year the world fell apart?

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels like this year has been the worst on record. Does the Bible give hope for change?

2016 – The year the world fell apart?

I saw a cartoon online recently. It was set in a classroom in the year 2100. The teacher says, “Well, that wraps up our lesson on 2015 – now on to 2017.” A student raises her hand. “What about 2016?” The setting grows dark, and the teacher ominously responds, “We don’t talk about 2016.”

A tweet I happened upon says, “2016 is like a montage of news footage you see in the beginning of a post-apocalyptic movie explaining how the world was ruined.”

These are not the only things that I’ve seen that make light of the way the world appears to be falling apart before our eyes.

World upheaval

A lot of truly awful stuff has been going on this year. Nothing that hasn’t happened before, but it just seems like it’s happening faster, and coming on stronger this year. Like the worst events of a decade are being stuffed into just one year. I don’t have to go deep into detail; most people will read this and know exactly what I mean.

Mass shootings, terrorism, police brutality, race issues, freak weather, political chaos, sociological upheaval, world health crises, refugee crises, you name it, the world has seen it this year. Never mind a zombie apocalypse. We seem to be able to handle the destruction of the earth all on our own.

None of these things really surprise me. As a Christian I have been taught since I was quite young to watch for these “signs of the times.” The days in which we see Biblical prophesies being fulfilled. We all know that the world is in a state that it can’t continue in much longer.
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Is there a solution?

So is this a bad year? Should we look to the future with hope that things will change, and the world will become a better place again? Are we truly working up to an apocalypse? Or are we going to be able to patch up this world?

It’s going to get so bad on earth that mankind is going to be desperate for a savior. Someone to get them out of this bedlam of their own making. And they will begin to think that perhaps God has deserted them, otherwise He would step in and make things right.
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Another concept that I am well aware of, as a Christian, is that of the Antichrist. That “savior” of mankind who will come with impeccable timing, just as it seems like there is no coming back from the state we are in. And he will have the answers. He’ll fix everything. His intention is to prove that mankind is master of its own fate and doesn’t need a God to fix things for them.
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The time will come when things start to change. When issues are resolved. Crises have solutions. Chaos is untangled. Because of the Antichrist.

To me this world getting better will be the biggest apocalyptic sign of all. It will mean that for the majority of mankind, there is no God in the picture. Yet, they couldn’t know how incredibly far from the truth that will be.

The triumph of God

Because God has been there through all of it. He has watched while sin has torn His creation to shreds. And He will watch as the Antichrist reconstructs it and tries to take his seat as the ruler of this kingdom. As he tries to eject God from the world that He brought into existence from nothing.

The events of the world are unfolding just as I’ve always heard it would. And I know the ending of this story. Spoiler alert: God wins. He always does.

When the time is right, God will step back in and take over again, proving once and for all that He is the Almighty God, the Ancient of Days, for now and eternity.

Personal decisions

So now, while I am living in this tumultuous world, I have to make the decisions that will ensure that I am on the winning side of this story. Decisions which will lead me to an eternal life in glory with my Creator and my Savior.  This means deciding to follow God and do His will rather than my own will, and rather than following the spirit of the times.

It’s going to get pretty bad here on earth for a time, especially for those who reject the Antichrist with his seemingly perfect solutions to all the problems of the world. But my concern is the saving of my soul, and the sharing of this message of eternal hope with as many as possible. God’s intention is that as many souls as possible are saved from the destruction that ultimately will come over this earth. Paul writes that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. (Romans 5:20-21) All grace is available to those who are humble, and God can save to the uttermost. The state of the world is no match for the power of God.
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God is faithful to reward those who are faithful to Him. He is always on their side and has His mighty hand over them through the evil times, and will fulfill His great and precious promises which He has promised for all those who overcome.

So, as I watch the signs drop and the events of the world unfold as prophesized years in advance, my faith in God is strengthened, rather than the reverse. My resolve to be righteous and prepared for Christ’s coming only grows stronger. I want to be on the winning side in this epic story, which ends with God’s triumph over sin and Satan. An end that heralds an eternity of peace and righteousness.

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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