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Is Christian life supposed to be boring?

Is a lifetime of reading my Bible really worth it if I have to wait until heaven to have any fun?

Is it really a sin to go out and have a little fun once in a while? As long as I don’t go too far, isn’t it okay to indulge myself just a little bit?

I know that being a Christian is right for me, but is a lifetime of doing nothing but reading my Bible and singing hymns really worth it if I have to wait until heaven to have any fun?

Maybe you haven’t said this out loud but deep down inside, who hasn’t wondered this? Is it really that bad to go out and party and have a little innocent fun? I won’t get drunk; I’ll just have a few beers. I won’t go home with anyone; I’ll just flirt around a bit. I won’t go too far; I can stop when I have to.

But is it helpful?

It may seem like this life is far more exciting than being a boring, no-fun, law-abiding Christian. It’s not sin; it’s just a little fun.

It’s just a party that never went too far, drinks that never made you too drunk and flirtatious encounters that never turned into something more. And maybe after all is said and done you can go home and live life just the way you always had.

“All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.1 Corinthians 10:23.

But how helpful is that party? How helpful is it to walk as closely to sin as possible without tipping completely over? How important is your relationship to God if you are willing to run as far away from Him as you can for one night of excitement?

And even if you never really end up going too far you will inevitably reap what you sow. The world is saturated in an attitude of partying; of self-indulgence, superficiality and frivolity. This drains the soul and deadens the spirit. It is the exact opposite of God’s plan for our life!

What it means to live a Christian life

God wants us to be happy! He has arranged everything so that if we follow the laws and commandments He writes in our hearts, we will be filled with the joy of salvation! If we stop living for ourselves and instead give up our own will and get victory over our lusts to go out and fill ourselves with worldly pleasures, peace and joy will come over us in an unbelievable abundance!

God has arranged everything so that if we follow the laws and commandments He writes in our hearts, we will be filled with the joy of salvation!

Be a Christian to be joyful. Be a Christian to be transformed, to be changed, to be able to experience so much happiness that you can even smile in the middle of a crowded traffic jam because you are thankful for the opportunity to become more patient.

Let the world go out every weekend and whitewash their miseries with superficiality. We have something better than that. Christianity is better. Freedom from all sin is better. Becoming transformed day after day, little by little into Jesus’ image is far, far better. A life with this purpose is the complete opposite of boring!

And being filled with an abundance of joy all of the time, despite your fickle moods and feelings, is the best thing a person can wish for. Those around you experience brighter days when you walk by, and every time you are tempted you get the victory because you know that nothing, not one single thing on this entire earth is worth losing the joy that God wants to give you when you overcome.

This is what it means to live a Christian life.

The choice is yours

But is the cost of this life a sacrifice of everything that you enjoy doing? Far from it! Christianity doesn’t mean that you must spend 100 percent of your days in studying the Bible and singing hymns. Of course we can still relax and enjoy ourselves but there’s a difference between spending time with your friends, pursuing your hobbies and interests and living life to enjoyment and following your lusts into sin!

And you can think that being a Christian is not really that fun, but maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s okay to choose happiness over fun. Maybe it’s okay to choose freedom and a relationship with God and a future and a hope for eternity. Maybe, after all is said and done, maybe it really is okay to want to be happy for a change. So choose happiness. Choose victory over sin. Choose to never have another miserable day in your entire life! Because it’s your choice. And it really is that simple.

Key teachings

Explore how God’s Word challenges and empowers us to live 100% according to His will, so we no longer need to fall in sin, but can come to a life of victory.

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