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The Grace that is in Christ Jesus

Written by Sigurd Bratlie

Many people are happy enough with the idea that grace is about the forgiveness of sins. However, if that were all that grace was about, what would stop us from sinning again and again, and repeatedly asking for forgiveness? Then the seriousness of sin would not be as serious as it really is. Grace includes much, much more than just forgiveness. It also means truth and help, so that we can stop sinning entirely, which is God’s intention for us as Christians. This is the better hope of the New Covenant. In the Old Covenant they also were able to receive forgiveness for sin, but nothing could lead them out of sin. Now, through the grace that is in Christ Jesus, we can attain to so much more! Now we can become perfect! (Hebrews 6:1) The grace available to us means that we get power from on high that is greater than the hold that sin has on us. It is sufficient to bring us through every temptation without sinning. We can with boldness come to the throne of grace and receive help in our time of need. We must not let this grace be in vain in our lives.