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Letters of Johan Oscar Smith

Written by Johan Oscar Smith

Johan Oscar Smith was a Norwegian Christian leader who founded the fellowship now known as Brunstad Christian Church. He was born in Fredrikstad, Norway, on October 11, 1871. At the age of 15 he went to sea, and in 1889 he joined the Norwegian Navy, where he served for about 40 years. In 1898 he gave his life to Jesus, and in 1900 he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. From that time on, the Scriptures became living for him; and since he had a heart and an ear for the voice of truth, he soon partook of God’s wisdom.

This incredibly rich and insightful book is made up of a collection of Johan Oscar Smith’s personal letters, written to his friends in confidence, and they should be read in that light. The individual care with which he worked with people can now bless many through the publication of these letters.

Most of the letters are to his brother, Aksel Smith, who was nine years younger than he, and who was converted in 1905 and died in 1919 in his home in Drøbak, Norway. Other letters are to one of his early coworkers, Elias Aslaksen, and many other people. The letters reveal how Johan Oscar Smith worked with God’s Word, receiving revelation about living a Christian life according to the Scriptures, and also his work in building a fellowship based on the principles and life in the Word.

Since Johan Oscar Smith sought all his life to honor Christ and make himself as inconspicuous as possible, he left no autobiography with stories of his travels, photographs, and accounts of all the things he did. But we have these letters, written to individuals out of zeal for the cause of Christ, and they are a valuable treasure for all like-minded souls, both now and in the future. Here is real food and guidance for those who seek God with all their heart. We are, therefore, extremely thankful that these letters have been preserved by the good Providence of God.

To derive the most possible benefit from this excellent book, which is so rich and full of content, it is advisable not to hurry through it, but rather to dwell and meditate on each letter.