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The Gospel of God

Written by Sigurd Bratlie

Sigurd Bratlie had a heart to expose Satan’s deceit and show people the truth of the gospel of God. You can see this in the introduction that he wrote for this book:

“It is on my heart to expose the terrible deception that the spirit of Antichrist has succeeded in introducing among the millions of people who call on the name of God. This spirit has explained away the obedience of faith—and with it, the whole gospel.

The spirit of Antichrist has also falsified grace, with the result that most of these people believe they are God’s children, when in fact they are not. In order to shed light on this deception—and thereby reveal true grace and the gospel as well—I have arranged the subject matter in a series of brief chapters, each containing this subject as the recurring theme. This way you will be able to read them separately and gain an understanding of the deception in the specific area you are interested in. This deception has had an effect on every aspect of life.

It is amazing how this deception had already taken hold so firmly in the time of the apostles. When you read their epistles, you will see how earnestly the apostles warn against this deception, exhorting us to be on guard against it. Now if this was the state of affairs in the time of the apostles, what about in our own day and age!

It is my hope that, after reading these chapters, you will have gained a thorough understanding of this deception. This book is intended for those who want to be disciples, for those who are seeking true godliness.”