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What it Means to Be a Christian

Written by Elias Aslaksen

In brief, clearly written sections, Elias Aslaksen delves into what being a Christian means, why be a Christian, and how to become a Christian. Relying on God’s Word to show how we should have it in our own Christian lives, each section is concise and to the point. Without “beating around the bush,” Aslaksen uses plain language that could not be misunderstood by anyone. It is through believing in Jesus as the Son of God and in the work that He did for us in His days on this earth, and by following in His footsteps and obeying the commandments He set out for us, that we are true Christians, true followers of Christ. Read in this true and helpful booklet about the details of genuine Christianity and how to carry it out in your own life.

Refuting affected religiosity and a life of outward forms and customs, this is about an inner life that takes place before the face of God in simple faith and obedience. It is a life of action, a life of change, transformation and forward movement. There is a tremendous work that goes on with such a soul. A Christian undergoes quite a development.

“Love Him in return who has loved you so deeply! Do not despise His blood which was shed for you for the forgiveness of sins and an overcoming life.”