In God’s safe hand

SONG: A song to remind us of God’s great care for us.

This song is inspired by Psalm 23, and reminds us of God’s boundless care for us, no matter what comes our way.

Lyrics: In God’s safe hand

In God’s safe hand I always rest secure.
In God’s safe hand I have no cause to fear.
He leads me to where peaceful waters flow;
With care He shows me where green pastures grow.

And if my path through valleys dark should lead me,
I will not fear; His staff brings comfort true.
My cup runs over; He with blessing fills me.
He gives new strength; His mercy’s ever new.

With thankful heart, to God bring all your need.
In His good time from trials you’ll be freed.
The peace of God, more than we understand,
Will through Christ Jesus guard our heart and mind.

Do not be anxious! In this world there’s nothing
That’s worth exchanging for our faith in Him.
The Lord is near, by faith I understand it.
Rejoice in Him; each day with this begin.

Title: In God’s safe hand
Lyrics: Connie Christensen
Melody: Dag Helge Bernhardsen
Vocals: Dorothy Cinnamon
©Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag 2015 |