Now I am safe, for on a rock so firmly

SONG: When I build my whole life in God, learning of Christ Jesus, then I get an established, safe, secure life.

Now I am safe, for on a rock so firmly
My building stands and ne’er will shaken be.
My Father’s loving hand holds me securely.
In Jesus’ death we dwell in unity.

The way is made which He Himself has taught me.
The path is simple; none need go astray.
The true light shines within my heart so clearly.
The pow’rs of darkness now must flee away.

You teach me, Jesus, how to battle rightly,
Like You, in love for all men to abide –
Though righteous, yet to suffer here unjustly.
As You have walked, so now You teach Your bride.

No longer shall our speech be Yes and No here;
A firm, decisive Yes! our Yes shall be.
And No!—forever No! our only answer;
Before the bright new day must darkness flee.

This is an excerpt of song #10 in the BCC songbook Ways of the Lord.
© Copyright Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag, Norway