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People in the Bible

PLAYLIST: What can we learn from these people in the Bible? How are their lives relevant for us today?
  1. Joshua and Caleb: A spirit of faith Milenko van der Staal 5:06
  2. Daniel: Faithful to God alone Janne Epland 4:25
  3. How to defeat a giant: David's example Kathryn Albig 6:20
  4. Elisha: God's invisible army Frank Myrland 5:43
  5. Moses: The man before the miracles Bessie Wong 6:19
  6. Joseph: An exemplary attitude Kathryn Albig 6:02
  7. Gideon: From zero to hero Frank Myrland 7:17
  8. Mary: Lowly in her own eyes but seen by God Janne Epland 5:00
  9. Samuel: How to hear God's voice Heather Crawford 5:43
  10. Sarah: She judged Him faithful who had promised Kathryn Albig 6:02
  11. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego: Nothing could motivate them to sin Kathryn Albig 5:40
  12. Esther: Stepping outside the comfort zone Kathryn Albig 4:20
  13. The book of Ruth as you may never have thought of it before Kathryn Albig 6:04
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