This is the vital key to complete victory over sin

How is it possible for us to stop committing sin, to come to spiritual growth and have perfect unity in the body of Christ? This is the answer!

The message of the cross is one of the most effective and powerful keys to a victorious life, a life of transformation!

How do we overcome just as Jesus overcame? How do we develop more and more into Jesus’ image? Is it possible to live in this world free from the cursed clutch of sin, from giving in again and again to our lusts, from being a slave to our reactions according to the wretched nature we have inherited from our forefathers? Is it even possible to have an assembly where there is true brotherhood, perfect unity and a pure love for one another among the members, free from hypocrisy and strife?

This is all possible – through the power of the cross!

In this message from a Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) summer conference, Kaare J. Smith, the leader of BCC, explains what “the message of the cross” means, (1 Corinthians 1:18) and the tremendous effects that are possible when each individual takes up their cross personally.