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Popular articles of 2017

A month-by-month look at some of ActiveChristianity's most read articles this year.


At the start of the year, the article that really captured readers’ attention was this one about friendship. What does the Bible say about friendship? Can a Christian be friends with a non-Christian? These are some of the questions addressed in this article.

“Jesus’ commandments must be kept, and there are things that will keep you from being able to keep them. If your one interest is in keeping your heart pure, then God will show you what is right and wrong for you.”

Are there rules for Christians about friendship?


In February we had a testimony from Carl Henry about a revelation he had about the difference the arrangement of 4 little words can make. It’s all about the difference between passively not trying to sinTo commit sin is to consciously do something that you know goes against God’s will. This can be in word, deed, or even thought. (James 1:14-15)... More and actively trying not to sin. Readers must have been seen the significance of this as well, as this was far and away our most read article in February.

Are you consciously fighting against sin?


If you missed it in March, here is your opportunity to read Rob Cheetham’s remarkable story. The father of 5 children, all of whom have autism, his testimony is honest and uplifting. This testament to how a potentially difficult situation can be only a benefit through trust in God, really struck a chord with our readers.

“I have a firm faith in God’s perfect guidance as a foundation, and that is what holds me up in the storms of life.”

How having children with autism affects my life


“It takes some brutal honesty to admit to all the tendencies to sin I see in myself.” So begins this article about the benefit for a young person in keeping themselves pure. Not an easy task in the world we live in today, but as the author writes, life is much richer when lived according to the Word of God. And the “perks” far outweigh the sacrifices.

Why it is worth it to keep yourself pure


In November 2004 Marc Woerlen lost his entire family in a tragic fire. Almost 13 years later, Marc is grounded in unshakable faith, and has a story to tell. Here he shares what gave him the strength to pull through that time, how he would encourage someone experiencing their own tragedy, and the power of faith.

Marc Woerlen: Keeping faith in God in the face of tragedy


In June Anna Carlson shared a personal testimony about how a friendly conflict with a non-believer helped her realize a very personal Christianity, and a personal relationship with God. Clearly our readers identified with her story, as we had an amazing response to this article.

“You know,” I said, “I’m not a Christian because it can be proven in a book. I’m a Christian because when I live according to God’s Word, it makes me happy.”

Am I a Christian because it can be proven in a book?


Should Christianity adapt to the world we live in today? Should a Christian feel guilty for wearing the latest fashion? Or using the newest technology? Should Christians avoid current trends, including sociological trends? These are reasonable questions, especially since cultural and technological shifts are occurring at a faster rate today than in any other era in history. How should Christendom adapt to today’s society? The words of the Apostle Paul from over 2000 years ago helped to define clear guidelines for our time.

Should Christianity adapt to the world we live in today?


Being a doer of the word is what leads to salvation and leads us to the Head, which is Christ. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to be content with being a hearer only, and deceive ourselves into thinking that’s good enough. In August this article by Johan O. Smith showed us clearly how to avoid falling into that trap.

How you can deceive yourself, and how to avoid it


God sees you as precious and unique and of great value. How do you see yourself? Many people, both old and young, can be plagued by self-doubt and insecurities. That’s why this reminder of how much God loves us, and why, went directly to the hearts of readers.

“You are a child of God; His own special people created to live a pure, faithful life… Don’t look down on what God created and loves!”

Look at yourself through God’s eyes


We live in a world where things that are impure are so easily accessible, and it can sometimes feel as though we are bombarded with ungodliness on every side. In this thought-provoking article we see how important it is for us to consciously and deliberately keep ourselves from being contaminated by these things. It’s possible for us to live in this world and still represent all that is of God: purity, faithfulness, thankfulness, love, holiness, etc.!

How can I keep myself pure in a world full of impurity?


In November we published this article about the life of a woman dealing with a life-threatening illness. Her attitude as she came to terms with her situation and her faith in God, are an amazing example of how to take the situations that God gives us. Many readers were encouraged by her powerful testimony, which included excerpts from the diary she kept during that time.

“Nothing good ever comes from dwelling on ‘Why me?’”


December is not yet over, but so far as we’ve come, this article about what Jesus Christ is to the author has caught our readers’ attention. If you can say, “Yes, me too!” to the points on this list, then your life will also be unshakeable.

60 reasons why Jesus Christ is everything to me

Most read of the year

And the article that had the greatest impact on our readers this year was this poignant story about a baby whose life and death were against all odds, and what his life meant for those who knew and loved him.

“What we are left with are experiences which leave a mark on our lives forever.”

What was the point of Alfie?

Key teachings

Explore how God’s Word challenges and empowers us to live 100% according to His will, so we no longer need to fall in sin, but can come to a life of victory.

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The Bride and the Harlot and the End Times

A very clear interpretation of the prophecies witnessed by John in the book of Revelation. Written just after the end of World WarAlmost all talk of battles and wars when concerning a Christian life refers to the inner battle that arises when a sinful thought tempts you. God’s Spirit and the flesh are at odds. When you have decided to only do God’s will and are being led by the Spirit, a conflict between the flesh and the Spirit arises: there is... More II, it is even more relevant in the world we live in today. It focuses on the importance of living a godly life in the time before Jesus’ return.

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