Challenges and difficulties

It isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come naturally, to thank God through the good times and the hard times, but with His help it is possible. And if you do this, if you can bear the trials of life with thankfulness, you will come through them richer than before. You will gain something that has eternal value, and your joy and peace will become deeply rooted. You will become like a pillar that cannot be shaken.

Giving thanks is a conscious choice I make. [Portrait 9:16]
God allows us to go through situations that we cannot always understand, so that we can be saved thr... [Auto]
Trials are blessings in disguise; that’s a fact. [Portrait 9:16]
5 good things that can come from difficult situations:
Peace [Square]

When in God's hand, then all is as it should be.

Ways of the Lord, #86