Overcoming sin

The key to total victory in good days and bad days is that we love Jesus more than our lusts.Hidden Treasures, October 1990
Not only are our sins forgiven, but Jesus has given us the power to overcome sin by showing us the w... [Portrait 9:16]
Christians are soldiers of God with all the powers of heaven behind them to crush and conquer the en... [Portrait 9:16]
We can through Jesus Christ cease from sin and live the rest of our time for the good, acceptable an... [Portrait 9:16]
In the kingdom of God the great victories are won by being faithful in the small details of life. [Portrait 9:16]
The Bible says in many places and in various ways that a Christian life is to be a life of overcoming sin.ActiveChristianity
When our strength is in God then we have the promise of great power to conquer all evil. [Portrait 9:16]
Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, for he... [Square]
When victory is won, your rest will be even deeper. Remember that! Be strong and very courageous. [Portrait 9:16]
Each time you overcome your lusts you are being transformed internally! [Portrait 9:16]
Without battles there can be no victory.Letters of Johan Oscar Smith