Relationship with Jesus

The Bible, however, speaks about an intimate and dynamic relationship with Jesus. He is, after all, a person, not a “theological concept;" not someone who once lived on the earth and now is far away, but a person who is alive and can be very near.Vern Nicolette
I belong to Jesus, He gave His life for me! [Square]
Give your whole life to Jesus; He'll guide you every day. [Square]
The key to total victory in good days and bad days is that we love Jesus more than our lusts. [Square]
Our whole life should be lived in a spirit of expectation for that day when we finally get to meet o... [Square]
It is impossible to lay down your life for Jesus’ name sake and at the same time love and want to pr... [Portrait 9:16]
When you put your confidence in Jesus,
Like a river, deep and wide, your peace. [Portrait 9:16]
I have been crucified with Christ! [Portrait 9:16]
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. [Portrait 9:16]