The spirit of faith

Whenever human reasoning says, “It is impossible!” faith says, “It is possible!” Faith is unreserved trust in God who loves us and who can do everything.Aksel J. Smith
A Christian life should not be lived on the basis of feelings, but it should be lived on the basis o... [Portrait 9:16]
The spirit of faith has never lost a battle! [Portrait 9:16]
Faith in the Word of Life is the greatest power that exists in the universe. [Portrait 9:16]
Faith isn't a feeling that falls over us when we read the Bible, but an attitude of mind, followed u... [Portrait 9:16]
A living and powerful faith in what God is able to do in our lives gives us tremendous possibilities... [Square]
Faith can turn things around in the darkest of nights [Square]
By faith, the invisible becomes visible. [Square]
Confidence in God is the power of faith that enables us to break through all barriers and establish... [Square]