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Top 10 picks of 2016

Did you miss any of our top stories in 2016? Take a look to find out.

2016 was a momentous year for us. It marked the birth of our new brand – ActiveChristianity, which effectively represents the core message of this website: God’s Word in Practice.

The top articles cover a variety of topics relating to a Christian’s life, ranging from struggles with faith to relationships to politics, and how the message of the cross always provides the way to salvation and deeper fellowship with God! Personal stories, as in previous years, were among the articles that reached the most readers and brought the most inspiration.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the most compelling and popular articles of 2016. To read more, click on the title of the article.

10. This is the way to make rapid progress in your Christian life


Have you heard of the “now way?” Elias Aslaksen wrote about a complete new mindset and way of doing things that will lead to significant development!

9. Youthful lusts: How can you tell the difference between temptation and sin?


Fleeing youthful lusts in the area of sexual desire is one of the most crucial battles for every young person. Knowing the difference between temptation and sin is a definite game changer in this battle.

8. From atheism to Christianity: How I know God exists


An honest testimony by Eric, an Applied Physics graduate, who shares his struggles, motivation and conviction in his journey from growing up as an atheist to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

7. Christians and politics – the Christian vote!


The US presidential election was no doubt one of the most discussed topics in 2016. During a pivotal time of decision, many drew inspiration from this post that reflects our standpoint as Christians, no matter whom we vote for, or whether or not we vote.

6. Every situation is an opportunity


Does our situation in life limit us from following Jesus? Della shares her perspective as a mother of a large family.

5. Active Christianity


“Generally, people’s fear of God brings them no further than dropping in now and then to some church or chapel to listen to a sermon.” Johan Oscar Smith, the founder of Brunstad Christian Church, writes about another kind of Christianity – one that consists of goals, action and results – a Christianity for young people!

4. Don’t be so tough that God can’t take charge of your life


A must-read for young people, boys and girls alike. As a teenager, Rolf tried to look strong and tough to cover up how weak he felt inside, but he knew that things needed to change.

3. How my mom made eternity real for me


After her mother’s death, Amberly wrote this touching and heartfelt recount of the lasting effect that her mother’s Godfearing life has had on her, and the life-changing experience of witnessing her mother’s last moments on earth.

2. How loneliness lost its grip on me


Lucy’s powerful yet simple personal story of her way out of loneliness by God’s help, is among one of our most shared articles on social media last year.

1. Flirting: Is what I’m doing impure?


This article takes the spot as the most-read article in 2016, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a powerful, honest and inspiring article that sheds light on an area that is critically relevant to young people today. Definitely worth a read, even if you were one of the many who had gained help from it last year.

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