10 daily life quotes from Esther Smith

Faith-strengthening quotes from a woman of faith.

10 daily life quotes from Esther Smith

Esther Smith was a God-fearing woman who loved Jesus with her whole heart. She was a pillar in Brunstad Christian Church and had much wisdom and spiritual power.

This power did not come about as a special gift that God had given her. No, she was a “real woman” who loved Jesus so much that she wanted nothing more than to follow in His footsteps in her daily life. She used the small circumstances of day-to-day life to do exactly that, and become free from sin. Because of this, she became an example and a blessing for many people.

These quotes from Esther Smith can be a help for anyone who wants the same kind of life. Whether you are sitting at a desk all day, a mother at home with your children, or anywhere at all, it is possible to become like Jesus.

Seek God in prayer

We must constantly remain in a state of prayer; it is not something we do for just a few minutes now and again, or on certain occasions when we are especially in need. It is extremely important that God can speak to us all the time. This makes it much easier to seek the kingdom of heaven at all times.

Be anxious for nothing

The Bible says, ‘Be anxious for nothing,’ and that is a commandment!” I took up a battle in this area, fought my way through and avoided having to be anxious! You can agonize over something for ages and plague yourself and those around you. It’s much better to fight your way through as soon as it comes up.

Pray for love

We must remain in love and develop in love; that must be the compelling force in our lives. It is possible to love everyone. When you sense you lack love, you must quite simply pray.

The seriousness of envy

Envy makes people lonely, and brings them great suffering. It is horrible stuff to have in our flesh, and it is a sin we need to take deadly seriously.

A relationship with Jesus

It is very important to develop a relationship with Jesus. It is amazing to think that because He saw we were suffering and struggling with our flesh, He left heaven, where everything was so wonderful, and voluntarily took those sufferings upon Himself to open a way for us! We also have to suffer, but it’s not so hard when we love.

Pray for wisdom

It’s not so difficult to acknowledge that we lack wisdom. When we pray and seek God’s wisdom with a longing for a deeper fullness of the life of Christ, then we will always find something to pursue.

Contentment with God’s way

We should pray to be reconciled with God in everything so we can get grace to react in a godly way. Then you will be content with the way God does things for you in your life. If you are satisfied, you are satisfied, regardless of whether you are healthy, free, and active, or are limited in some way.

Raising children

To raise children you must have love and a wholesome understanding, and that is why a parent should pray fervently for their own salvation, so that their own sin does not get in the way. We can be saved from irritation and anger! Children can quickly sense if their parents are irritated, and then the children can be easily provoked and react stubbornly.


All accusation is of the devil, no matter where it comes from. It is just as dangerous to accuse others as it is to give the accuser room in your own life. The accuser gives no hope. God does not accuse us, but He does give us promptings that bring light and hope.

Be poor in yourself

It is essential that you realize that you are nothing in yourself. If you are rich and satisfied, you cannot receive anything from God. It is frightful to meet that spirit in a person. It totally hinders all spiritual growth and development.


Quotes are taken from the book “Esther Smith: A life in fellowship with Jesus and the saints”.
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