Bible words explained: Overcome sin

VIDEO: Learn what it really means to battle against sin and overcome!

The Bible says in many places and in various ways that a Christian life is to be a life of overcoming sin. In this dramatic episode of the Bible words explained series you can see an animated depiction of the most epic battle of all: the battle against sin, and how by using the mighty weapons we are given, we actually can overcome sin!

Audio Transcript: Overcome sin

What does it mean to overcome?

It’s written in Revelation 3:21: “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.”

We all have a “flesh” full of “lusts” which try to make us think or act against God’s will. The flesh with its lusts can be compared to an army camp full of enemies, ready to fight, and which I need to overcome.

I experience temptation when a lust comes up from the flesh as a thought or feeling and I am aware that to give in to or agree with this thought would be to sin (that is, to do what I know is wrong.) A temptation is always conscious. I come to a moment of decision.

So I haven’t sinned when a thought first pops into my mind, even though it may make me feel dirty. This temptation is an opportunity to overcome, and God has given me weapons – my sword is the word of God and my shield is faith in God’s power, and He had given me a helmet called “salvation.” Using these weapons, I get the strength to say no in the temptation – and that is overcoming!

Overcoming in one temptation – one thought – is one enemy defeated. It may not feel like I have overcome, because immediately another thought can come up, and it seems like I’m back to where I was.

But when we speak about “overcoming sin” and “victory over sin,” it doesn’t mean that our flesh is completely removed and that we are sinless. Overcoming in one temptation is a definite victory, but it doesn’t mean that I am never tempted to the same kind of sin again. Each temptation reveals another enemy in my flesh, which in turn must be defeated. A war is made of up of many battles. My goal is to win the war against my lusts, and then I must be dedicated.

If I should fall in one temptation, I may have lost a battle, but it doesn’t mean I have lost the war. I must get up and keep fighting!

It takes a lifetime to win the war, but as I faithfully fight the enemy, overcoming in temptation after temptation, battle after battle, I will notice that the lusts in the flesh start losing their power. I’m not so easily tempted to the same sin anymore. I don’t fall as easily; it becomes easier to say “No.”

Bit by bit, I am being transformed. I am an overcomer! The promise is that I will sit with Jesus on the throne! There is no better calling than living an overcoming life.

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