Bringing every thought into captivity

Bringing every thought into captivity

Temptations come as thoughts – and each temptation is an opportunity to overcome!

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Doubt. Fear. Hopelessness. It is possible to feel dismayed at the negative thoughts that come into our minds. But we must recognize that these thoughts do not come from God, and we really don’t need to be shocked or discouraged that we are tempted by them. They are actually temptations to become dejected, miserable and negative, and as such we are under absolutely no obligation to agree with them. However, when we, by faith, hold onto the assurance of God’s good intentions towards us and for our lives, then we have a weapon to fight with when these thoughts come knocking.

“Bringing them into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5. This is an ongoing process where the Holy Spirit teaches us to sort out and cast away all thoughts that do not come from God.

This understanding is invaluable. The more “awake” you are, the quicker you can catch and cast out thoughts that have no foundation in God’s Word. Your thought-life will become healthy, positive and constructive and you will get more and more of the kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy inside of you.

As a result, you will have plenty of room in your thoughts to bless the others; you become available for others because your own thoughts are in order.

“Why are you cast down O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God;“ Psalm 43:5.

What does it mean to “Hope in God”? It means to reckon that His word is true and completely to be relied on and that He wants us to experience the inner peace that it gives. What an exchange! The turmoil of my thoughts for God’s beautiful inner peace!

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