Wake up, O soul

SONG: This song is a wake up call and an encouragement to all those who wish to be along when Jesus returns to rapture the disciples who have been working and waiting for His return.

Lyrics: Wake up, O soul

Wake up, O soul; be clothed in power divine.
Wait not, O soul; be nourished in the Vine.
By faith lay hold of glory from above.
Be fully armed with fervent zeal and love.

The autumn’s here, and fields of work are great.
Time’s end is near; be freed ere it’s too late.
There’s need for souls who have the Spirit’s fire,
Who fight with zeal ‘gainst sin and never tire.

See, Satan’s power upon the earth prevails.
Though dark the hour, Christ’s covenant never fails.
When battles rage, our God indeed is nigh.
We’ll overcome, with banners lifted high.

It soon is night; our time to work will end.
Is your lamp bright? Where is your treasure, friend?
Have you become a light and salt on earth?
Does Jesus Christ alone for you have worth?

We soon shall hear the trumpet in the skies;
For dawn is near; we’ll hearken and arise.
We’ll then go home to heaven’s mansion fair;
Eternal joy together we will share.

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Title: Wake up, O soul
Lyrics: Aksel J. Smith
Melody: Arthur Skrede
Vocals: Amy Thomas
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #371
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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®, unless otherwise specified. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.