15 quotes from Elias Aslaksen for the seeking Christian

15 quotes from Elias Aslaksen for the seeking Christian

A collection of striking quotes from a man of wisdom.

As one of the main pillars in Brunstad Christian Church, Elias Aslaksen was the perfect companion to Johan Oscar Smith and brought an original style and way of speaking to the meetings.

Aslaksen was a skilled speaker and had a way with words but it wasn’t this that gave his words so much depth. Rather, it was a deep-rooted humility and life with God that was impossible to hide. These quotes here show a small portion of the wisdom and life he had received.

Why be a Christian?

Being a Christian is the only thing that can make every one perfectly happy, irrespective of how unhappy and wretched he might be.

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Pray without ceasing

If you desire life, and life in abundance; if you want more and more of it; if you want to make constant progress, to be increasingly cleansed, purified, and conformed to the image of Christ; if you want to make steady progress – step by step – then pray and pray again: pray without ceasing!

God gives grace to the humble

Humility is the fundamental law for all salvation, and now it has become crystal clear for me that in the deepest sense there is nothing else besides this. God gives grace to the humble, and what people think about me doesn't matter. The proud, the high-minded, the arrogant, and those who are wise in their own eyes have God as their opponent.

The law of humility

He who humbles himself – voluntarily abases himself – will be exalted. If you are a little bit humble, it will succeed a little bit, and if you are especially humble, it will succeed especially well.

"All humility and meekness"

There are no exaggerations in the Scriptures, none. “All humility and all meekness” means that you are rooted and grounded in humility and meekness, so that you simply can't do anything but be humble and meek.

Obedience without understanding

There are people whose concept of obedience consists of this idea: “When I come to personally agree with what is written in the Word, then I will do it.” But that isn't obedience. Then I am just living according to my own understanding.

Trials and tribulations

Trials and tribulations are among the most beneficial things in the Christian life because all these trials and tribulations show us perfectly, clearly, and irrefutably what our true condition is. The truth is that God doesn't send us difficulties. We can ask, “Aren't tribulations difficulties?” No, far from it! They are only a help; they are a help to show us how we are doing.

No difficulties!

We create difficulties by not taking things the way God's Word teaches us to take them. The Bible shows us God's will for every possible situation. When we take things in this way, there are never any difficulties.

Faith has nothing to do with trying

When we say we are going to try, that is the same as unbelief, because that is the same as saying maybe it will succeed and maybe it won't – and that is 100% unbelief.

Living faith

Living faith in the Word of God is the greatest power that exists in the universe.

Everything works together for the best

If I believe in Romans 8:28, it's not possible to be sorrowful. It's absolutely impossible. I cannot sorrow. To believe in Romans 8:28 is the same as being overjoyed, increasingly, night and day, in every possible circumstance, trial and situation.


The Bible is about becoming completely happy; not only when everything is going well – then even ungodly people are good-tempered and go around singing – but happy, come what may, in the day of adversity, in the day of trial, always, without exception.

Judge not

We have the words of Jesus: “Judge not.” It doesn't say, “Don't judge too harshly,” or “Don't be so prone to judge,” or “Don't be so quick to judge.” Nothing like that is written there. It says: “Judge not.” NOT! Period! Not at all, no exceptions.

Freedom from committing sin (John 8:31-36)

To sin – to commit sin – is to do what we know beforehand to be against God's Word and will. It is to fall in temptation. It is perfectly clear from these verses in John that Christ will set us free from sinning – entirely! This means that we will always live a victorious life; and we can't imagine a more glorious liberty than that. Always victorious! Never sinning!

Always leading in triumph (2 Corinthians 2:14)

This is exactly the same as never defeated! Never to fall in sin! Never to give in to temptation to any kind of sin whatsoever! Never angry, never offended, never anxious about anything at all! What liberation! What a blessing! This is how God blesses each and everyone who is wholehearted and humble of heart.

Quotes are taken from the books “Elias Aslaksen’s Last Messages," “The Way of Life,” “What it means to be a Christian,” “The Gospel of Blessing,” and “True Liberty.”
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