Great is the Lord; He’s the mightiest warrior!

SONG: The Lord is a strong fortress, and at the same time our dearest Friend.

Christian song about God’s greatness

This song describes God’s greatness but also His heart – how He is near those who are broken and contrite, and has mercy on those who are humble and poor in spirit. (Psalm 34:18Psalm 51:17.) We are called to battle and fight faithfully for our Captain! This clip is from a Brunstad Christian Church online service in May 2020.

Lyrics: Great is the Lord; He’s the mightiest warrior!

Great is the Lord; He’s the mightiest warrior!
When people see this, they tremble with fear.
He to Himself draws the poor and the needy.
Wondrously safe, they rest peacefully here.

You’re our strong fortress, Lord,
And for the lowly a Friend.
Thanks that You still wage war,
Lord God in heav’n!

Those who are proud fill the ranks of the fallen.
Those who are full, He sends empty away.
God gives the hungry rich food in abundance,
And in His presence no greatness can stay.

God is not fooled by display or by grandeur;
He sees the mind that is faithful within.
David was small, and he entered the cov’nant.
Only the contrite and poor enter in.

God is so gracious, longsuff’ring, and loving,
Burning with zeal for the truth and for right!
Never He sleeps! No, our Lord never slumbers—
Battles and strives, never tires in the fight.

Serve the Lord God with the pound you’ve been given.
Be not deceived, but await your reward.
Jesus as “carpenter’s son” kept the cov’nant.
He fought and triumphed, so look to your Lord!

Lord, to be like You is all I desire—
To be a friend of the faithful, dear Lord.
Jesus, I’ll listen, with You right beside me,
Battle and fight till I meet my reward.

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Title: Great is the Lord; He’s the mightiest warrior!
Lyrics: Thorleif Hansen
Melody: Edmund S. Lorenz
Performed by: Nancy Ann Helgesen
From the songbook 
Ways of the Lord #18
©Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag 2020 |
Produced by Brunstad Christian Church

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