Think that God will do a miracle within us!

SONG: You can be transformed from the person that you are by nature!

Christian song about the God of miracles

What good does it do if God performs a miracle in our body or anywhere else, if we are still wretched on the inside?

The greatest miracle God can do is to transform us from our wretched, sinful nature into something divine – His own nature! If you are discouraged and considering giving up because you just can’t manage to live a life worthy of a disciple, this Christian song about God’s miracles is for you.

Listen to this song and remember that it is God who will do a miracle in you when you give up your all. It is not you that will achieve this in your own strength, but it is GOD who will transform you and create something new in you. Believe in the God of miracles! He will do a miracle in YOUR life!

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Lyrics: Think that God will do a miracle within us!

When the Lord’s elect the joy of hope experience,
Songs of praise fill our days.
Then there’s vict’ry and rejoicing, with a jub’lant sound;
Living waters we have found.

Think that God will do a miracle within us!
Who can comprehend His majesty and pow’r?
Think that you and I will be
On life’s way transformed and free,
As it’s written—and no doubts have we!

Things that happen, be they good or bad, won’t sway me.
Through them all, big or small,
I will walk upon the way of life and victory.
I have faith that this shall be!

’Tis so happy in the home when there is vict’ry!
We’re no more cross or sore.
Filled with thankfulness and patience, nothing troubling—
There’s a new and blessed ring.

Open wide your heart; receive God’s blessed goodness—
Give your all for this call.
O you never will regret it; there’s such joy in store.
You’ll desire more and more.

Title: Think that God will do a miracle within us!
Lyrics: Anna Bekkevold
Melody: Unknown
Vocals: Carl Henry, Daniel Schapf
Arranged by: Erik Johnsen
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #404
© Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag 2020 |ActiveChristianity

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