Be gone, O world of paltry pleasure

SONG: This song is a reminder of the greatness of choosing God’s will over our own, and finding a life that causes what this world has to offer to pale in comparison.

Be gone, O world of paltry pleasure –
Proud dreams, defilement, vain deceit.
The King of Heaven is now my treasure,
Let His dominion be complete.

My will no more: my life is hid – 
Thy will, O Lord, as Thou dost bid.

This world cannot bring satisfaction;
‘Tis naught but lies and emptiness –
A game of risk and vain distraction,
Which ends in sorrow and distress.

In all my ways, O guide me, Jesus,
To grow in wisdom and in grace,
So virtue in my life increases
Till, saved, I stand before Thy face.
Ways of the Lord #97

© Copyright Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag, Norway |

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