I will sing about Jesus, my Savior

SONG: Sing your way through to victory!

A personal victory song!

A victory song to sing in every situation! Let the words of this song sink in and convince you that it is possible to live a life of complete victory over sin. Not on my own, but through faith in Jesus, my Savior, and the true grace that I receive through Him! As the song says:

“For I know when on God I am waiting, I’ll have victory in all that I do!”

Lyrics: I will sing about Jesus, my Savior

I will sing about Jesus, my Savior,
And the faith to o’ercome I’ve received.
Now for vict’ry my heart burns with fervor!
And in vict’ry alone I believe!

I will sing of the victor’s crown waiting.
I will sing though the battle is long,
For I know that each note is creating
A true prayer that ascends to God’s throne.

I will sing to Christ’s honor, with praises!
For without Him I nothing can be.
I experience now what true grace is.
I believe, therefore have victory.

I will sing when the tempter starts saying,
“To have victory isn’t for you.”
For I know when on God I am waiting,
I’ll have vict’ry in all that I do.

I will sing about vict’ry with praises! 
When my earthly hopes crumble and break;
For I’ve treasures in heavenly places
And a hope which no trial can shake!

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Lyrics: Eugen B. Sørensen
Melody: Eugen B. Sørensen
Vocals: Eva van Stralen
Arrangement: Erik Johnsen, Dag Helge Bernhardsen
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #380
© Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag  2020 | ActiveChristianity.org

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