Sing, sing of my Savior!

SONG: A song of praise for all Jesus has done for us, and an encouragement to follow Him on the way He opened for us!

This song has a powerful spirit of praise for our Savior and all that he has done for us. Written many years ago, the words are timeless. Listen and be uplifted by the compelling message of hope, and be encouraged to follow Jesus on the way He opened for us!

Lyrics: Sing, sing of my Savior!

Sing, sing of my Savior! Sing, sing it again!
Sing till each heart is burning. Sing, sing it again!
Sing, sing your way through, and sing, sing when you’re glad!
Sing, sing so each heart beats, freed, ne’ermore to be sad!

Who, who was triumphant, full victory won?
Who’s trod alone the winepress like Jesus has done?
Who loved without measure, died so we might live?
Who has Bread of Life and living water to give?

He, He has so gripped me deep, deep in my heart.
He crushed the serpent’s head, and all chains burst apart.
He, He is arisen; He gives hope anew.
With fire and the Spirit He has baptized me too.

He, He tells us kindly where, where the way leads.
He speaks to us so clearly, that we may take heed.
Come, come now, my brother; come, walk in this way.
It truly is simple; come, we must not delay!

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Title: Sing, sing of My Savior!
Lyrics: Johan Oscar Smith
Melody: Even Skogsrud
Vocals: William Goxo
Arranged by: Ivan Slabbert
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #139
©Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag 2019 |

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