The greatest Name in the world

SONG: These verses speak of a Name that is above all else on earth. It is a song of love, thankfulness, and praise.

Ingrid Bekkevold (1900-1977) had a great gift for composing music and writing lyrics. When God worked in her heart, it often came out as a song. She always had a pad of paper and a pencil handy so that when inspiration struck, she was ready. These songs came out of a god-fearing life; the words she wrote, she also practiced in her life. BCC’s songbook Ways of the Lord has many of her songs in it, and many people have been strengthened in their spirits by these songs.

In the verses of this particular song, her love for Jesus and her thankfulness and praise are evident in every line. It is particularly interesting to note that she wrote this song shortly after she lost her 13 year-old son to meningitis in the 1940s. Instead of causing her to doubt and ask “why,” the situation caused her to turn to her Savior and to become closer to Him.

We have transcribed these verses here so that hopefully many can read them and join in her song of praise to our Savior!

Lyrics: There is a Name over all names

There is a Name over all names I love here on earth;
It has a glorious ring –
With all my heart I will sing!
It brings me happiness, gladness, and blessing untold;
It is the dearest of names in the world.

O yes, this Name, it is “Jesus,”
God’s own precious Son,
And in this Name is salvation for each seeking one.
It spreadeth sunshine and gladness and light on my way;
It is the dearest of all names to me.

O in this Name is redemption from sin and from death,
If you are weighed down in need,
If from your sin you’d be freed.
Yes, in this Name there’s salvation so perfect and free,
And by this Name truly happy you’ll be.

O in this Name there is power that lightens your way,
When you are weary and worn
From all the burdens you’ve borne.
Before this Name, Satan’s hosts and all evil must flee.
You’ll lift your wings as the eagle, so free.

Yes, in this Name I shall triumph in all of my ways.
It brings rejoicing and song,
Although the way may be long.
It brings me peace and sweet rest in my heart and my mind.
It brings me heaven, yes, heaven, I find.

All other names here on earth will in time pass away,
But this one glorious Name
Will now and ever remain.
And every creature one day shall bow down at this Name;
Then we’ll forever His praises proclaim.

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Title: There is a Name over all names
Lyrics: Ingrid Bekkevold
Melody: Unknown
Vocals: Larissa Cinnamon
Arranged by: Nils Einar Halvorsen
From the songbook “Ways of the Lord” #373

Brunstad Christian Church
© Copyright Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag 2018 | ActiveChristianity

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