Time is so short!

SONG: A song about making the best possible use of your time!

An encouraging song that inspires us to make the best possible use of our time. Our time is so short, is the message, so let’s use it well! Sung here by BCC Africa Choir for a Brunstad Christian Church online service.

Lyrics: Stay within the flock abiding – Time is so short

Stay within the flock abiding – 
Time is so short – 
Where the Shepherd’s staff is guiding.
Time is so short!
In the flock you’re safely nourished;
Sheep and lambs are all encouraged;
None shall ever be discouraged.
Time is so short.

Be not lukewarm in your zeal.
Time is so short!
See how Satan comes to steal.
Time is so short!
Fire has been in us ignited;
Fire must be in others lighted;
Friends of Christ thus work united.
Time is so short!

Yield now humbly to God’s leading.
Time is so short!
He’ll give pow’r and grace you’re needing.
Time is so short!

Miracles take place within you;
Faith chokes sin that rises in you;
Blessed fruits shall then continue.
Time is so short.

We must fight till life’s completion!
Time is so short!
There’s no time for hesitation.
Time is so short!
Swing your Sword in all directions;
War has raged for generations;
Soon it’s night so quickly hasten!
Time is so short!

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Title: Stay within the flock abiding – Time is so short
Lyrics: Edwin Bekkevold
Vocals: BCC Africa Choir
Composer: Horatio R. Palmer
Arrangement: Pablo Manrique
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #317
© Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag | ActiveChristianity.org

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