Why we need Jesus as our Advocate

VIDEO: Jesus is our Advocate, standing at the right hand of God, interceding on our behalf.

“If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9. Gary Fenn is speaking today on the topic of Jesus our Advocate. It is a powerful message about one of the aspects of who Jesus is for us.

“Forgiveness is the first step. We need to be forgiven. And we need to confess. We need to acknowledge. We need to admit if we fall. We need to admit it to Him, and let sorrow come into us; let that be a grief to us. And I believe it is like that for everybody who has come to that knowledge of Jesus Christ, that He is their Savior. We don’t want to hurt Him! We don’t want to transgress against Him! We don’t want to do something which is going to be displeasing to Him. But because we have a nature, because we have sin in our flesh, then it isn’t abnormal, especially the beginning stages, that we will stumble and fall, and transgress because we are not strong enough yet. We’re not humble enough yet. We aren’t awake enough yet. And we have been accustomed to living according to our human nature, so situations come upon us and can overtake us. And one can fall in sin.”

So this is the reason we need Jesus as our Advocate, someone who loves us and is seated by the throne of God, interceding with Him on our behalf. This should inspire a reciprocal love in our hearts, so that we long to follow Him and live in obedience to His commandments, so that we fall less and less frequently, and we come to an overcoming life of victory over sin!

Listen to Gary Fenn’s message “Why we need Jesus as our Advocate,” and be strengthened in your relationship with Jesus.

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