10 powerful quotes from Aksel J. Smith

10 powerful quotes from Aksel J. Smith

Words of wisdom for those pursuing godliness.

Aksel J. Smith was a God-fearing man who emanated the virtues of Christ. He dedicated his life to leading other people to Christ in all goodness and love.

Smith lived a life of complete faithfulness to the gospel of victory over sin and stood in a deep and uninterrupted inner development all the days of his life. He had a deep care for people and desired that everyone should find the way that leads to joy and peace.

These quotes from Aksel J. Smith offer insight into the laws of the Spirit, the virtues of Christ and the promises that belong to the God-fearing.

Our everyday decision

Today I choose between life and good and death and evil, by either receiving or rejecting the laws of the Spirit of life written in my heart.


Everything we say and do in anxiety and unrest amounts to wasting our precious time of life. Everything we do and say in the Spirit of faith is the source of exceeding riches for time and eternity.

A spiritual Israelite

A genuine spiritual Israelite is born by the word of truth to liberty and victory. They bear the promises with them wherever they are, and always come to the fullness of the blessings of Christ.


It is easiest to be harsh, to fight back, and to avenge yourself, but gentleness makes you truly great. (2 Samuel 22:35-36)

Comparing ourselves

It is a real temptation to examine the others’ works, but all that is worth less than nothing as far as eternity is concerned. We have more than enough to do with examining our own works and finding out how we can do things more perfectly to Christ's glory.


Through obedience to Christ’s commandments we enter into that perfect love which enables us to love one another as Christ loved us. That is the greatest thing we can attain to through Christ's love. (John 13:34)

God’s promises

All God’s promises are true, and they will be fulfilled in our lives if we fulfill the conditions. If it is true that we are overcomers, it is also true that we will inherit all things and will sit on thrones together with Him. (Revelation 21:7; Revelation 3:21)


Kindness is one of the Spirit’s noble fruits. A crushing of everything that is hard in our own life must have occurred if we are to proclaim the glory of kindness. Kindness is firmly united with the wisdom that is from above, which is pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits. (James 3:17)

Forsaking everything

This is such a great election that when we hear the voice of the Good Shepherd say in our hearts: “Follow Me!” everything in this life must yield to His voice. If we harbor anything else, we are not fit for the kingdom of heaven.

The spirit of faith

[The spirit of faith] is an enthusiastic spirit, full of peace and joy. In this spirit we rely fully and unreservedly on the God of miracles and His Word, and we rejoice in perfect rest. In this spirit we have anchored our hope in heaven and in nothing on this earth. This is why we cannot be disappointed or discouraged in this spirit. The possessor of this spirit stands on high and holy ground. He sees the glory behind an illness, behind sufferings and tribulations, and speaks the word of faith to himself and others.

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