17 amazing quotes to help us live a godly life

17 amazing quotes to help us live a godly life

Some inspiring exhortations from recent BCC conferences.

Paul writes that we must not neglect coming together, but to exhort one another and stir up each other to love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24-25) Our conferences and gatherings are rich in God’s Word and encouragement to live a godly life. Here are some gems from the recent Spring and Youth conferences at Victory Conference Center in New York.

1. Trials

“Stop wishing the trials away, but go into them gladly! Rejoice in the trials! These are not just random happenings. It is God working in us!”

2. Jesus always gave His life

“When did Jesus ever pause just a little bit before going forward in love? That isn’t written anywhere. He was zealous to the maximum degree! At no time did He do anything but give His life, give His life, give His life!”

3. Imitators of God and Jesus

“‘Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us …’ Ephesians 5:1-2. What an incredible verse: to be imitators of God! When did Jesus ever stop acting in love? When did He ever become offended? Now the ball’s in our court. We must imitate God and Jesus!”

4. The law of liberty

“God sent His Son according to His own free will, and Jesus came to earth according to the same law of liberty. Now we also act according to that law: we can choose to do God’s will.”

5. No hypocrisy

“I must give an account to Him and everything is naked and open to Him so why would I pretend to be anything I'm not?”

6. Build on the rock and it will stand

“Jesus commands us to build on the rock, and when the storms and the rains come He has promised that it will remain standing.”

7. Do not seek the testimony of man

“Is it not enough for me to be well-pleasing to God? Why should I need a good testimony from the others? Rather, in humility, day by day, serve God in the hidden where nobody sees.”

8. Unbelief is pride

“If you do not believe the truth that you sit here and listen to week after week, then God will resist you. But draw near to God and He will draw near to you. That's humility.”

9. Cry out to God for zeal

“Satan tries everything he can to rob me of everything I have and if I know this, I can wake up every morning with this cry in my heart, ‘Dear God preserve me and give me Your zeal so I can be victorious!’”

10. Unfaithfulness will cost you dearly

“You can think it costs a lot to be a Christian but it costs incredibly much more not to be a Christian! And neither you nor I will want to pay that price.”

11. Be a doer of the word

“Do you think that maybe, some time you will be transformed automatically over the course of time? No, it doesn’t work like that! You either do it or you don't do it! God has opened a way and from His side it is open. It's up to you and it’s up to me to walk on this way.”

12. Be like Jesus!

“Unless I pray and I fight like Jesus did, I won't come to victory!”

13. Use the battles wisely

“We are going out into the battlefield and God is going to bring the enemies, the sin in us, to light so that we have the opportunity to put them to death. We have to remain on the offensive our whole life!”

14. Progress comes by doing the Word

“If there isn't more progress in my life continuously, it's because the work is not being carried out.”

15. No one has to sin

“Those who fall in sin don’t do so by chance. That would be completely unrighteous of God. They fall because the armor of God has fallen away.”

16. Stand fast in the battle!

“The evil days come for all of us where we can be pelted from every direction but be a young person who lives in the Spirit and remains standing on the evil day with your flag raised high. When everything is against you, your reasoning is against you, and Satan himself comes as a roaring lion, lay hold of what you need to lay hold of to get victory! People like that are useful vessels in God’s kingdom.”

17. Spiritual warfare

“Even kings and presidents and world leaders fall to the spirits that rule this earth, but it is possible to be a young person who stands in the battle and triumphs over these spirits!”

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