Relationship with Jesus

VIDEO: Watch Sarah’s testimony about her relationship with her Savior, and be inspired to seek a greater connection with Jesus, our brother and friend.

Sarah’s experience of Jesus is that He is very real and very close to her in her situations. This is because she has understood that Jesus doesn’t want people to worship Him just for the sake of worshiping Him, but that He wants us to follow Him so that we can become His brothers and sisters. She has experienced first hand how He guides and shows us what to do through His Word. How obedience leads to spiritual growth: more of the virtues, more of the fruits of the Spirit.

If we get to know Jesus by following Him and striving to become like Him, then He too will know us on the day when He returns. We can, like Sarah testifies here, get to feel like we know Him so well that we can’t wait for that day to come when we get to finally meet Him face to face.

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