How has your vision for eternity affected your life on earth?

VIDEO: All of your perspectives about life and life’s meaning take on a completely new dimension when you come to faith in eternity.

“I could wish with all of my heart that every person had it the way I have it … I have come to a joy that nothing has been able to shake.” This is a bold statement for a man to make. What is it about Gary Fenn’s life that makes it so good? Has God blessed him especially? The answer to this question is yes, but not for the reasons you might think.

Ever since he was a young man who decided to live for Jesus and for nothing else, Gary has had a single goal. That is to live in such a way that he is well-pleasing to Jesus and thus be assured of eternal life. Because of that single-minded purpose, his life has been rich in ways that he could never have imagined.

Watch this video to hear Gary speak about and enthusiastically recommend living with a vision for eternity.

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Gary Fenn is the leader of BCC Connecticut, and one of the main spiritual advisors for all of BCC North America. Since having set his feet on the pathway of following Jesus as a true disciple in his early youth time, Gary has come to a rich life in God and has been able to share his wisdom and revelation in the Word with many people over many years. There are hundreds of people who have benefitted as a result of his faithfulness.

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